COVID-19 May Have Changed Their Plans, But Love Is Not Cancelled

How this amazing couple said “I do” amid the coronavirus pandemic

In a time of such uncertainty thanks to COVID-19, some couples are deciding that they are certain of one thing—and that’s that they want to get married, right away!

Carly and Mike tied the knot this past weekend on the outdoor terrace overlooking the beach in Long Beach, NY. Sporting masks and gloves, the couples parents and siblings witnessed the marriage of Carly and Mike standing 6 feet apart from one another. It wasn’t how they imagined they would get married, but it was incredibly special!

Saying “I do” in front of 10 witnesses you adore, followed by cake and champagne overlooking the beach—with no pressure, just love, is an absolutely dream. And you should absolutely do it. 

What was the deciding factor?

“That date already had a very special place in our hearts, and we wanted to do something to honor it”, Carly said. “For us, it was important to create a day that was completely different from the wedding we’d initially planned and postponed. Our postponed wedding is going to be at a gorgeous country club, so we decided on a beach wedding for our original date. This way we got the best of both worlds”.

Parents and siblings made heartwarming toasts to the couple, that brought tears of joy to everyone’s eyes.

They had their bridal party and friends/family watching and congratulating them on zoom!

“I was surprised by how meaningful it was. Initially, I was against having a virtual ceremony because I was worried about audio/visual/technological issues. But seeing our friends and family on Zoom at the end of the ceremony toasting us and our marriage brought tears to my eyes”.

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Intimate wedding ceremony in long beach, ny
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Intimate wedding ceremony in long beach, ny
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Here are four things to consider when planning your ceremony:

ZOOM: Keep in mind whether or not the location you’ve chosen to tie the knot has good service for streaming on zoom! If you’re had a family member’s home, the service might be fine, but if you’re on the beach, definitely check before making zoom plans!

MUSIC: Consider playing something that fits you and your marriage perfectly, even if it’s on a bluetooth speaker.

CONGRATS: Consider having the MOH or bridal party member email the zoom attendees prior to the ceremony, asking them to make a short video of themselves toasting, cheer-sing and congratulating you after the ceremony. Then compile them into a drop box folder for the couple to watch at the end of the night! It’s a great way to feel the love from all your friends and family, and help them to feel included as well!

STRUCTURE: You can still walk down the aisle, even if there is no aisle! You can practice your first dance or have a first look! You can still write vows or letters to each other!

Your wedding may not look how you originally intended and thats OK! In some cases it may be even better than originally planned!

Here are some of Carly’s wise words for brides planning an “original date ceremony”

“First off, I’d say “I’m sorry” to anyone who’s in this position. We ended up postponing our wedding just days after we’d sent out our invitations; it’s a terrible feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

“My advice would be that if you have to postpone your wedding, do it in a way that feels authentic to you and your partner. Mike and I love to celebrate, so it was never a question in either of our minds that we’d have two wedding dates – we figured if you get the chance to marry the love of your life twice, go for it!”

“…even if it’s not the wedding you envisioned, get a photographer and videographer. We’ve looked at our pictures so many times already. It’s a great way to relive the day!”

We can’t thank Carly enough for sharing her amazing advice with us! These two are so thoughtful, genuine and completely inspiring. Cheers to the beginning of a beautiful life together for Carly and Mike!

A link to Carly’s adorable Just Married Denim Jacket!

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